Walls That Are a Work of Art

March 21 2024 -

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Global Surface Solutions specializes in a number of areas when it comes to concrete surfaces. The idea that a wall has to be plain is an outdated one and more and more we’re finding people want to see something different when it comes to walls. And the fact is, there are a lot of options when it comes to wall finishes. At GSS, we offer a wide range of finishes that offer a competitive advantage over most others. Here’s how we do it . . .

A Unique Product That’s Made to Last

We use a polymer modified cement (PMC) for most of our finishes. PMC offers unparalleled durability so it’s long lasting, easy to clean, adaptable to all kinds of finishes, and can be manipulated to look like (quite literally) anything. We use this exact same product for interior and exterior walls, plus driveways and patios, so you know it’ll stand up to anything we throw at it. The diversity of the material withstands water, heat, natural elements, mildew, algae (think Vancouver, wetter climates, etc.), and the degradation effects of UV light. On top of that, walls that are created using poured concrete are not always cost effective. By using PMC you can achieve the look of concrete for a fraction of the cost.

It Ain’t Heavy

When you think of concrete, you think of ‘weight’. It’s going to be heavy. If it falls on you, it could crush you. So as far as architectural applications go, concrete comes with some hefty weight considerations. Because PMC is a lightweight overlay, it has weight benefits. Using 1/100th of the usual concrete combined with lightweight core materials (wood, foam, drywall boards, cement boards, air, etc.) makes all the difference while maintaining perfect rigidity and durability.

It’s All About the Look

Regular walls, plaster, cement, clay, and drywall, can be easily damaged, marked, and water can emulsify them. Not the case with PMC. When you work with a cement overlay, you’re not painting it like a wall. You’re using water-based color stains so the way we apply a texture to the wall is how the wall accepts it. It creates an excellent canvas for varying colors.

Under different lighting throughout a day (natural light) a color stained cement wall can take on various looks giving it a lot of ‘life’ and personality that you simply won’t find in a normal concrete wall. This is partially due to the layering. By layering the stain, you can achieve remarkable effects.

Something we endeavour to do is change people’s perception of ‘textured walls’. When people think of texturing walls, they often think in terms of tuscan/old world – yet we’ve used it in more modern applications. There are no limitations when it comes to our wall finishes, it can be modern, contemporary, grungy, sci-fi, you name it, we can do it.

Here are just a few examples of some recent finishes . . .

View more examples in our ‘Get Inspired’ Gallery

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