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Why Global Surface Solutions?

Global has unique products and techniques for resolving concrete problems and for creating beautiful custom applications. Our capabilities, creativity, and high-quality work, separate us from being just a run of the mill concrete and fabrication company. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and in our ability to deliver outstanding, unique, custom-designed surface solutions that elevate the finished products to a work of art.

Endless Possibilities

As a fabrication studio we are fully versed in architectural design, offering cutting edge custom surfacing materials. We have experience working with residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and commercial clients to create distinctive color and finishes, 3D modeling and custom surfaces.

Through constantly exploring the boundaries of concrete and producing pieces that reflect our knowledge and attention to design, we have the ability to roll out projects locally, nationally, or internationally.
We’re open to any and all projects, and are happy to provide customized solutions to meet your design needs. If you’re looking for something specific, but not sure if it’s possible, please ask us. We’ve been known to work miracles.

A Quality Finish

Global is highly experienced in both residential and commercial installations and delivers hand-troweled and diamond polished Architectural Finishes that are customized to meet and exceed each client’s needs and wants.

All of our finishes are:


Surfaces do not fade, are UV resistant, vapour permeable, and resistant to damage, staining, moisture, freezing, thawing, cracking, and peeling.


Our overlay systems allow the walls, ceilings, and surfaces to breathe; thus eliminating hazardous moisture traps.

Environmentally Friendly

All materials used are water based and non-flammable, non-toxic, and mildew resistant, creating an allergy free environment.

Tailored to Your Needs

Finishes are available in unlimited color, textures, and layouts allowing for a vast array of shades, depths, hues, and design possibilities.

Interior & Exterior Applications

Unlike other products on the market, our finishes perform indoors and outdoors without performance limitations.